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Need Money While You’re Waiting for Your Lawsuit to Settle?

Lowest Rates.  No Hidden Fees. Lawsuit Funding Made Affordable.

Applying does not affect your credit score

Get Back on Track.

Life can move pretty slowly while you’re going through the lawsuit process. But those bills can pile up pretty quickly. SWIFT can help get you back on your feet with transparent, honest and affordable legal finance

Rest in Peace Extra Fees!

Hidden fees are annoying, dishonest and people hate them! That’s why our advances are 100% completely fee-free.


That means there are absolutely no extra fees ever. You only pay interest if/when your case settles.


Our rates are always the same no matter what. What you see is what you get.

No application fees.

No document fees.

No review fees.

No pre-payment fees.

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Why use Swift?

Cheapest Rates

Money in 24hrs


2 Year Cap

Only 25% per half year SIMPLE INTEREST (no compounding) Nothing extra

Once we receive details we need from your attorney give us up to 24hrs to review and approve

Only pay us back if and when your case settles

If your case takes longer than you expected, no worries, interest maxes out at 2 years.

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Customer Testimonials

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Dan was very professional and went the extra mile in assisting me in getting the money I needed for a bill. I have never felt so at ease when going over my financial issues with someone

Stacey Wardlaw, MI

Here's How We Compare

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Pricing Understood

Another Fact:

Compounding interest is expensive, complicated and most people have no idea how to calculate it, so won’t understand how much they’ll owe until they get billed. Compounding means that interest is calculated on top of previous interest multiplying over time, usually from month to month, getting more expensive as time goes on. At SWIFT we use SIMPLE interest which is exactly as it sounds, simple. It’s easy to calculate and best of all honest and affordable.

3 Easy Steps


Apply online or give us a call to speak with our dedicated team


We contact your attorneys office to get the details of the case we need to evaluate.


Once we receive the documents from your attorneys, give us up to 24HRS to review and approve. Could have cash in hand same day!

About Swift

Providing Michigan with legal funding

Founded in 2018, based in Metro Detroit, SWIFT has been helping hundreds of personal injury victims with access to a vital financial lifeline during their lawsuit. SWIFT is committed to our unwavering principles of affordability, transparency and honesty and our local presence allows us to act quickly and to foster a personal relationship with all of our clients.

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Our Team

Dan Frankel- Originally from the U.K. After moving to Michigan, Dan quickly learned of the need for a company who can provide pre settlement funding without charging inflated rates and extra hidden fees. Using his connections in both law and finance, Dan set about creating SWIFT a company that will empower regular people to be able to fight for the settlement they deserve without having to worry how they’ll keep the lights on while they’re attorney fights their case.

  • What is Pre Settlement Financing
    Pre Settlement Finance, otherwise known as Legal Funding, Lawsuit Funding, Litigation Finance, is a form of equity purchase, whereby companies like SWIFT, can give money to plaintiffs, in exchange for a stake in the lawsuit.
  • Is it a Loan?
    No. SWIFT only collects if the plaintiff wins the case, if the plaintiff loses, they don’t have to pay anything back.
  • Do I Need Good Credit?
    Nope. Not only that, taking a pre settlement advance won’t affect your credit in the slightest.
  • Are There Any Additional Fees?
    No. We value honesty and integrity, and are transparent when it comes to all costs.
  • What is the Benefit of Using SWIFT?
    We provide you with money so that you can afford to live whilst you’re waiting to settle your lawsuit. Funds can be used for Daily Living Expenses, Tuition, House Bills, Medical Bills, or anything else you need the money for.

Ready to get funded?

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Contact Swift

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