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Need Money While You’re Waiting for Your Lawsuit to Settle?

Get money today,

before your case settles.

*Does not affect your credit score


You are not alone

Your lawsuit could take 2 years +. Insurance companies, defense lawyers use this to their advantage by disputing benefits and low ball settlement offers. But who's paying your bills meanwhile?

See Danita's story to understand how we help:

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Daniel Frankel is a man of integrity, respect, and can empathize with my situation. I would recommend Swift Legal Finance to any and everybody

Danita Davis, MI

Why use SWIFT?

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Lowest Rates

Save an average of $2,500 vs competitors.



Give us 24hrs to review and approve

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Only pay us back if & when your case settles

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See how SWIFT compares:

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Compound vs Simple Interest

Compound interest is interest multiplied by interest, creating a snowball effect where the interest keeps building with time. SWIFT only uses simple interest which is just the interest on the principal. No compli .

RIP Extra Fees

Hidden fees are annoying and dishonest. Our lawsuit advances are 100% completely fee-free.


We also don't charge any document review fees, handling fees, or any extra fees. The only fee you'll pay is the interest if/when your case settles.


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How it Works:

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Apply in <1 min or give us a call to speak with our dedicated team


We contact your attorneys office to get the details of the case we need to evaluate.

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Give us up to 24 hrs to review and approve!

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About Us

Providing Michigan with legal funding

Since its inception in 2018, SWIFT has seen rapid growth due to demand for affordable lawsuit funding. SWIFT is committed to our unwavering principles of affordability, transparency and honesty and our local presence allows us to act quickly and to foster a personal relationship with all of our clients.

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Modern Office Building

Dan Frankel

Dan is co-founder of SWIFT and serves as its CEO. Founded in 2018, SWIFT has grown rapidly due to demand for transparent affordable legal finance and has managed to help hundreds of clients get the funding they need. Dan prides himself on treating his clients like family, clients often call back long after their case has settled. Outside of work, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

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  • What is Pre Settlement Financing
    Pre Settlement Finance, otherwise known as Legal Funding, Lawsuit Funding, Litigation Finance, is a form of equity purchase, whereby companies like SWIFT, can give money to plaintiffs, in exchange for a stake in the lawsuit.
  • Is it a Loan?
    No. SWIFT only collects if the plaintiff wins the case, if the plaintiff loses, they don’t have to pay anything back.
  • Do I Need Good Credit?
    Nope. Not only that, taking a pre settlement advance won’t affect your credit in the slightest.
  • Are There Any Additional Fees?
    No. We value honesty and integrity, and are transparent when it comes to all costs.
  • What is the Benefit of Using SWIFT?
    We provide you with money so that you can afford to live whilst you’re waiting to settle your lawsuit. Funds can be used for Daily Living Expenses, Tuition, House Bills, Medical Bills, or anything else you need the money for.

Ready to get funded?

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